5 Ayurvedic Treatment to Improve Sexual Drive in males

Today we are going to talk about 5 natural ayurvedic treatments to improve or increase sex drive in males. These 5 natural herbs causes zero side effects.

After certain age people start to lose their sexual drive but with some natural ayurvedic treatments you can slowdown the process of aging and boost your sexual drive or libido.

In ayurvedic medicine there are 5 natural herbs that can help males and females to get more sexual pleasure and to boost their sex drive and these are:

  • Ashvagandha
  • Shatavar
  • Kaunch
  • Talmakhana
  • Shilajit

We will talk about each of them in detail. These natural herbs do not cause any sort of negative side effects unlike medical medicine. These are 5 natural herbs with natural healing powers that can help you to improve your sexual life.


Ashvagandha is probably the most popular natural herb to treat sexual problems. But it also improves the nervous system and lowers your stress levels. By taking ashvagandha powder regularly with water will help you to get better sexual life for longer (even after 50).


Shatavar is more commonly used to treat infertility in males. This natural herbs helps to produce better quality of semen or sperm. Taking shatavar regularly will not only help you to get healthier babies but also give you more pleasure in your sex life.


Kaunch is more famously known to help premature ejaculation problems in makes. It helps to increase your sex duration and it can also help to get more viscosity of semen.


Talmakhana is another natural herb in ayurvedic medicine that helps blood circulation in the genital area this prevents premature ejaculation and helps to produce better quality of semen.


Shilajit is an ayurvedic herb that helps erectile dysfunction. By taking shilajit regularly you will find yourself back to the youth you were in your mid-twenties (in terms of your sex life).

Ayurveda is a holistic system of medicine and lifestyle consulting which is used in India for thousands of years to treat different health issues. Ayurvedic treatments are extremely useful in case of pain relief, skin problems, low immunity, weight loss and natural healing. In India, Ayurvedic medications are also used to treat diabetes, sexual disorders and other health issues.