To the discerning real estate investor, one could ask: What makes a place like Louisville a great place to live? If you ask anyone from Louisville, they will tell you a plethora of value comes from that city. From food and sports to beautiful neighborhoods and parks, Louisville has so much to offer. However, it’s essential to go over a brief history of the city to ensure that all are informed. The city’s birth started in 1780 when it was chartered in honor of King Louis XVI. It was established with 301 settlers and located on the falls of the Ohio River. Its history doesn’t stop there. It’s also home to many prominent figures in history like Thomas Edison and Muhammad Ali; to celebrities today like Jennifer Lawrence and Tom Cruise. 

However, people are not the only notoriety that Louisville possesses. It is also a prominent food hub in America. Louisville is the home of the YUM brands franchise like KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell as well as a home of other franchises like Papa John’s and Long John Silver’s. Apart from that, Louisville has some well-known local joints under its belt. The next time you are in town, take a visit to places like Impellizzeri’s Pizza, Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse, and Mussel and Burger Bar. In relation to food, the cheeseburger was created in 1934 by a man named Carl Kaelin. 

Moreover, Louisville proves itself to be a competitive city to live in from a geographical standpoint. Starting with the economy, Louisville’s largest employer is UPS International Air Hub. Through this employer, it enables the region to be a logistical hub for all things shipping, logistics, warehousing, transportation, and manufacturing. This city has also made great use of its time and resources as they have used $22.8 billion in projects that have started and finished since 2014. Last point of note is that the climate is mild year round. On a yearly average, Louisville gets only 46 inches of rain; only 9 inches of snow, and 195 sunny days. The typical summer temperature is around 88 degrees(F) and the average winter weather is 26 degrees(F).

Learn more about living in Louisville in the infographic below:

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