Having the right mindset can ensure success in many ways. Higher education institutions are focused on the success of their students. When their students succeed it is a clear reflection of the institution. When higher education has the mindset of being student ready, they are ensuring needs are met and supported. One way this is done is by providing corequisite education. By doing this students are being supported and tend to be more successful in gateway courses. Corequisite education is offered to students below academic readiness has shown to improve gateway course completion. 

Trends from 2015 to 2016 show an increase in gateway course success, in both math and English. In 2105 the score for English went from 34% to 54%. The scores for math increased from 18% to 52%. These positive trends are a reflection of the institutions and the success of students. 

Students who complete gateway courses in their first year of college are more likely to continue their education. This shows that having a successful first year of college is part of the equation for success. By connecting students to the right path early on, colleges and universities are providing them the tools to a better education. Faculty can help support students in their decisions that will better the path they take. By picking a major early on a student can ensure they take the right math class. Faculty can also support students to stay connected to others. 

Kentucky’s framework towards student success is built around connecting gateway courses and student’s priorities. This is done by focusing on transfer student’s success, successful completion of gateway courses, and advising and onboarding. Students can find resources for career advising and summer bridge opportunities. By helping students complete this path Kentucky is aiming to have 60% of its population backed by a college degree by year 2030. 

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