How Many Hours Should You Sleep at Night?

How many hours should you sleep at night? Today we will answer this frequent ask question. As you know there are 4 stages of sleep and we will cover all of them in this short informative article.

How many times does this happen to you? You sleep late and wake up early. Many people do that on regular bases, so they can enjoy more time during the day. Sure that is an advantage but doing that on regular bases forces your body to trigger early exhaustion.

People with not enough sleep have many unhealthy symptoms such as: poor concentration, shriveled skin, poor metabolism and a weak immune system. This is why you should have enough rest at night.

Sleeping for just 2-3 hours is not enough for the body to recover and to regenerate energy for the next day. You should have at least 8 hours of sleep, this is the recommended dose and it is been tested numerous times. 8 hours of sleep provides body enough time to recover from exhaustion.

What happens when you sleep?

When you sleep many natural cyclical process happens. During this time the body hormones changes, body metabolism changes, the body temperature changes, the respiratory function slows down and all of these happen in 4 stages of sleep.

4 Stages of Sleep

#1 Drowsiness

This is the first stage of sleep and last only few minutes. At this stage the body begins to relax and the eye movements slows down. If there is some sort of laud noise you can wake up during this stage.

#2 Light Sleep

At light sleep stage your body is relaxed but if someone is speaking to you, you will be aware of that and you may even reply to them without knowing (you will not remember what you said) which is a bit strange and funny.

#3 Deep Sleep

At deep sleep stage your muscle tone relaxed, your breathing rate slows down, the blood pressure slows down and heart beat slows down. But the gastrointestinal movements speeds up. If you are a teenager, at deep sleep stage your hormonal levels increase slightly. Hormones are responsible for the ovulation or creation of sperm. The height also increases during deep sleep, this is why you should never wake up when you are in deep sleep.

#4 REM Sleep

This is the final stage of sleep (REM sleep). At this stage there is a lot of brain activity and dreams are made. During REM sleep the respiratory rate increases, there is a drop in body temperature and an increase of prolactin levels.

So you see, a lot is happening while you sleep and this is why you should have at least 8 hours of full sleep at night.


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