Curry Turmeric Helps the Brain to Self-Heal itself (Alzheimers)

According to research curry powder and turmeric helps the brain to self-heal itself according to the journal of Stem Cell Research and Therapy Centre.

Curry and turmeric is abundantly available in stores and vastly used in India for several health conditions as well as for culinary activities.

Turmeric powder has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years as recently German scientist found curry and turmeric powder to help nerve cells to self-grow and self-repair making it ideal for Alzheimer patients.

Although this study was only done to rats and next step is to be done into human trials, what scientist from Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine in Julich, Germany found that the natural turmeric compounds in the aromatic turmerone helps the brain to self-heal and self-develop and the next step is to create a turmeric injection that will help thousands of Alzheimer’s and other neuro related patients.

Alzheimer usually occurs in the late in life and it is the major cause of dementia where the person tends to forget things and gets confused of its surroundings. Forgetting names, forgetting where he/she was supposed to go, etc are common symptoms and there are over half a million patients in UK alone!

Alzheimer is a complex disease and the aromatic turmeric compound seems to be the answer to tackle this disease and it seems to cause little to nothing in terms of side effects, as stated above this study is in early stages but India and ayurvedic medicine wins again and this shows that medicine practice in India is or was far ahead then nowadays.