10 Signs and Symptoms of Having Damaged Liver

Today we will discuss top 10 signs and symptoms of having damaged live. As you know liver is among the most important body organ that we have.

The liver makes sure that the body digestion is done properly (making sure that all the food particles are break down and converted into energy).

Without a healthy liver, food digestion cannot be done properly and this can lead to numerous health issues including death. This is why we should take care of your body mechanism.

Below are 10 top signs and symptoms of having damaged liver:

#1 Constant Tiredness and Laziness

It is normal to feel tired and lazy sometimes but if this happens in your daily routine life then you should speak with your doctor as it is a very common sign of liver damage. If that is the case I strongly recommend that you drink at least 2 litres of water a day and have a diet based on fruits and vegetables. This will force your body to revitalise your internal body functions.

#2 Change in Urine Color

If your urine color changes to dark yellow (result of high bilirubin levels in blood) could be a sign and symptoms of having a damaged liver or poor kidney functions. As said above drinking water is a must to avoid further liver damage.

#3 Irritated or Flaky Skin

Poor fluid flow in the body results in an irritated and flaky skin which is another common symptoms of having a damaged liver. If this is the case you must seek medical care because flaky and irritated skin is a sign of severe liver damage.

#4 Sudden Edema Disease

Edema is a disease that cause the legs of become swollen. This happens when there is accumulation of body fluid in the legs. If there is no Edema family history and it suddenly occur you must seek medical care.

#5 Nausea

People with poor liver condition often feel that they are going to vomit, this constant nausea feeling is a very common sign that your liver needs medical attention.

#6 Bruising and Bleeding

Frequent bruising and bleeding is very common sign of having an unhealthy liver condition. There are many medical pills that can help you to revitalised your poor liver health condition.

#7 Jaundice

Jaundice is a common and obvious symptoms of liver damaged. Jaundice means to suddenly start to see only yellow color all over the place. Your eyes only sees only yellow. This is a very serious symptom.

#8 Loss in Appetite

Sudden loss in appetite or sudden weight loss can be a sign of having an unhealthy liver. Whenever people loss appetite they tend to drink alcohol. You must avoid alcohol drinking as this can further damage your unhealthy liver.

#9 Changes in Stool

A person with damage liver will notice a changes in stool movements. Either constipation, irritable bowel syndrome or change in stool color.

#10 Painful Spleen

Spleen is a body internal organ and when liver is damaged it causes the spleen to swell which causes stomach pain. Normal medical pills will not work to easy the stomach pain you must seek medical care to prevent further liver damage.