As you build your brand, it is important to develop a strong personality and exude your unique voice in every aspect of business.  One method you can use to strengthen your brand’s personality is corporate gifting.  It is important to choose the right gift for your brand, as authentic gifts can build a passionate customer base.

Corporate gifting provides a wealth of benefits.  It fosters growth, builds relationships, establishes an emotional connection between company and customer, and creates opportunities.  These benefits show up in profits, with 80% of CEOs finding a positive ROI following bouts of gifting.

Brand archetypes, also known as a brand’s personality or tone, lead to similar benefits as corporate gifting.  In fact, brands with well-defined archetypes rose in value by 97% as opposed to brands lacking in a strong identity.  Identifying a brand archetype is crucial to corporate success.  

There are 12 main archetypes to consider.  These archetypes range from the magician to the innocent to the ruler.  Each archetype embodies its own set of morals, connotations, and aesthetics.  Think about the mission of your company and determine which archetype it most closely mirrors.  Companies like Regards exist to aid in the archetype identification process, helping other brands select an archetype and develop corporate gifts based on that archetype. 

Pairing corporate gifts with brand archetypes results in additional benefits.  It can develop new leads; 68% of people who received memorable gifts report that the gift strengthened their relationship with the brand.  Similarly, corporate gifting can build brand ambassadors and create lasting loyalty.

Regards has experience with capitalizing on brand archetypes in gifts.  One of its services is selecting gifts based on a brand’s personality.  For example, Regards might suggest that a company with the creator archetype give its customers a custom puzzle.  This gift shows clients how much the brand values their creative abilities and curiosity.  This is just one example of the power a corporate gift can have in capturing the essence of a brand archetype and connecting with customers. 

If you want to find success in your industry, one of the first steps is developing a strong and genuine archetype.  Doing so opens the door for corporate gifts that can boost ROI and build strong customer support.


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