The tailend of the pandemic saw many people returning to the office. Many women who felt pressured to stay home and care for their loved ones began to return to their jobs. With schools reopening and daycares starting service again, women did not have to juggle caring for their children and their careers. However, being away from the workforce for long periods of time can lead to some obstacles to overcome when returning. 

One of the main obstacles women are facing when returning to their careers is their confidence. Women are faced with the societal pressure that they are not as valued in a business setting. This has been reinforced through generations with women being treated unfairly in careers and can lead to them doubting their own abilities. Self confidence can also be damaged as women feel more pressured to dye their hair and wear makeup in order to look younger for work.

To increase professional confidence, many women find professional mentorship. Mentorship can help women increase their self esteem, confidence, and can increase the likelihood of a promotion. 87% of those mentored develop greater confidence at work because it helps to overcome the self doubt that can often keep women from returning to their careers. 

When looking to increase self confidence, some women seek cosmetic procedures when they are looking to return to work after long periods. Women between the ages of 31 and 45 request procedures like tummy tucks and liposuction to help make them feel more confident in themselves which can improve overall confidence at work. Cosmetic procedures are becoming more accessible and women are being encouraged to invest in whatever makes them feel like their best selves.

Helping women return to their careers after the pandemic can lead to extraordinary benefits. To learn more about supporting women returning to the workforce take a look at the infographic below:

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