Equinophobia - how to overcome your fear of horses

Fear of horses or equinophobia is a very common phobia and the word equino is a delivered of a Greek word equus which means horses, in Latin equine means an incident with an animal in the past and phobia means fear.

People with equinophobia generally get very nervous around horses, many are afraid of riding these horses while and others afraid of just encountering a horse.

This is a rare phobia but it does exist and it requires good dedication and effort  to treat and cure this psychological disorder (phobia).

Symptoms of Equinophobia

The most common symptoms are: rapid heartbeat, intense sweating, anxiety, crying, panic attacks and nervousness

Horses can be trained and this process can be devastating. Horses are extraordinary and friendly creatures once you get to know each other but when you are new to each other the process of getting along with the horse can create a violent atmosphere.

Many riders get injured during this process, many with broken bones and when you see this happening for the first time many developed the fear of horses or equinophobia.

How to overcome your fear of horses

Like many phobias this is a psychological problem not a mental problem therefore there are no magic pills or medication. To overcome any phobia you need to set your mid and have the ability or courage to try and to overcome your fear.

You can start your therapy by watching horse training videos, sculpting horses, reading books about horses and finally ridding the real thing. This can take a few sessions but once you overcome your fear you will enjoy your life and laugh about your past.