teenagers eating habbits

Growing up is not easy and studies show that taking care of your body while your body suffers transformation can really impact in how healthy and attractive you will look.

Being a teenager is hard, you have lots of things to worry about such as: studies, social life, girlfriends/boyfriends, which career to choose, etc. Nonetheless if you take time and look after your habits and lifestyle you will be more successful in the near future.

While your body is still developing a good nutritional guidance can really impact in how you healthy and attractive you will look in the future. Which can play a huge part in how successful you will be in your life.

If teenagers and young adults follow these nutritional guidance tips and needs they will increase their chances of being taller, stronger (with 6 packs) and healthier.

Calories for teenagers

Teenagers need good amount of calories a day and a variety of nutritional goods. Ideally they should consume between 2500-2800 calories a day. Teenage girls a bit less 2000-2200 calories a day. And they should get from variety of sources including: dairy products, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

nutrition for teenagers

Proteins for teenagers

For a proper body growth and too get stronger muscle and those six packs that look very sexy you should digest at least 45 grams of proteins a day. Ideally from fish, meat and dairy products and if you are a vegetarian you can still get these from soya, beans and nuts.

Calcium for teenagers

Calcium is good for your bones and getting a good amount of these while still growing up will drastically increase your chances of getting taller. Plus it will also decrease your chances of getting osteoporosis condition in later stages of your life. Ideally you should get 1200mg of calcium a day and good source of calcium is: milk, cereal, seeds, spinach and dairy products.

Iron for teenagers

Lack of iron can lead of fatigue, anemia and physical weakness. Something that teenagers do not want and ideally boys should get 12mg or iron a day while girls 15mg a day due to menstrual cycles.

Overweight and obesity in teenagers

Sadly nowadays this seems to be a growing trend, more and more teenagers are getting fatter due to junk food fashion. Over eating can cause obesity which will lead to numerous health conditions such as: diabetes, cholesterol and health condition. The good news is that teenagers are 5 times more likely to lose weight fast than adults. Try to reduce your daily calories intake to what is mention above and do exercise. Join gym, do sports, walk around the park and play. Also keep in mind if you are healthy in your teens it is more likely that you will maintain your weight after your 30s.