fear of holes - trypophobia

Recent studies shows that 16 percent of people have trypophobia, and if the picture in the left scares you then you probably have trypophobia.

What is trypophobia?

Trypophobia is name called for people who have fear of holes or clusters of holes. These holes are tiny and people with this phobia start to feel weird with discomfort and itchy feeling spreads to the entire body. Studies show that most trypophobia patients have the fear of having those holes in their skin, so whenever they see pictures with tiny holes or shapes that suggest discuss in their minds they start to get stressed.

People with trypophobia are more afraid of getting bit my insects and become paranoid when that happens. Studies show that most trypophobia are afraid of: bot flies as they use human skin to host their larvae.

How to overcome trypophobia?


Trypophobia is a psychological problem and can be overcome with behaviour therapy. Most people suppress there fear of holes but some take more time than others. The goal of the therapy is to separate the individual from the discomfort of the thoughts that gets generated by seen pictures and disassociate those thoughts by simply allowing them to touch and cope with the objects placed in front of them.

If you have or know someone who has trypophobia, my advice to you is to tell your doctor about your phobia and he will recommend you a psychiatrists and he will process your case and recommend you these psychological therapies and once you start these you will overcome your fear of holes.

Most patients will recover from there phobia and anxiety in just a few visits. Once you overcome your phobia you will be more productive at work, your confidence levels will raise and your mental health will improve. So do not be afraid start this behaviour therapy today!