mild depression - dopamine and serotonin

Depression affects every single person on the world, studies show that mild depression that prolongs for long time can cause drastic effects to your brain. Here are some of the foods that can help you alleviate you from mild depression.

Depression simply means not being able to find fun in live and this normally accord when brain suddenly stops producing dopamine and serotonin.

Once these 2 brain chemicals stops producing you start to feel depressed, he or she finds difficult in find happiness on things that used to be fun. This is called depression, here are few dietary nutrients that can help you regain the fun in your life:

Start eating complex carbohydrates such as: starch potato, whole wheat bread, cereal, pasta, brown rice, corn and carrots. These complex carbohydrates helps the brain to product serotonin the important neurotransmitter.

To increase dopamine and your sex life you can eat: meat, poultry, dairy products, almonds, avocados, bananas, pumpkins and sesame seeds.

Vitamin B and Omega 3 can also help increase your mood for these you can find them in: leafy green vegetables and black beans. For omega 3 tuna and other fish.

Joining the gym and doing exercise can alleviate work stress and increase testosterone, therefore if you can do treadmill for 25 minutes or join a sports club. Another good way to reduce stress is meditating and yoga, for this just close your eyes play a soothing sound and take deep breaths in and out for half an hour.

There you have it natural ways to get rid of mild depression, follow the above tips and treat your depression at first stage to avoid taking long term medical drugs.


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