Are you feeling tired?  Run down?  Just have no more energy to face the day ahead?

Energy is physical, mental and spiritual.  Your body needs energy from food just to breath and keep your body’s systems functioning.  Nutrition and the energy you get from food is essential but you need to keep in mind the mental and spiritual components of energy too.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “The world belongs to the energetic.”


Energy Boosting Tips:


Eat Well –  Feed your body with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.  Eat as close to nature as possible.  Proper nutrition is essential for your body to operate at its’ best.


Sit Up Straight – Sitting up straight improves your oxygen intake.  Your body and brain need oxygen, upright posture even when sitting will help you take in more oxygen.  No more slumping when working at your computer or when watching TV.  Sit up straight, just like your Mom used to tell you.


Walk After Eating – A 10 minute walk after a meal will increase your metabolism and help you feel more energetic.


Control Your Time – You may not be old enough to remember when your phone was only available to be answered when you were home or at your office.  There were no cell phones.  When you were driving no one could get a hold of you.  In some ways it was lovely.

You can still control your time today even with your phone with you all the time.  Establish some parameters or boundaries on when you will take phone calls, look at text messages and read emails.  You can have breaks even though you have your phone on you.  If you are concerned about missing an important or urgent message (kids school, sick parent) then change the notification sound for those calls and texts.  That way emergencies can still get through.


Put On The Music –  Music can pump up our energy.  Whatever music makes you want to sing and dance that is your energizing music. Music played during exercise has been shown to increase energy levels, improve mood and delay feelings of fatigue.


Tap Into Your Energy Flow – All of us have a natural rhythm to our energy.  Some people wake up full of energy first thing in the morning.  Others hit their stride later on in the day.  Figure out what works for you.  Whatever your rhythm is use it to your advantage.  When you feel an overabundance of energy tackle any big projects you may need to do.  If you feel your energy draining take a break and slow down.  Learn to move with your unique energy flow.


Clear Clutter – A cluttered environment can make you feel exhausted.  Stop wasting time and energy looking for things.  If you are chronically losing your keys, phone or homework;  it is time to weed out all the excess stuff and organize the stuff that you do use.  Find a home for everything; coat goes in the closet, keys hang by the door etc.  Don’t fall into the “too much stuff” trap.


Try Something New –  New things are energizing.  New experiences, new recipes, new restaurants, new hobbies or even just a new route home from work.  Novelty engages our minds and this engagement creates energy.  It is fun to try something new.


Set Up A Support Network – Everyone needs a support group.  Find the friends and family that energize you.  Those that are always routing for you.  These are the people you need to keep your energy elevated and your life in perspective.  Surround yourself with people who love and support you.


Hopefully with just a few of the above tips you will increase your energy, boost positivity and face tomorrow with a hopeful attitude:)


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