1 in 10 Men Suffer from Bigorexia (Muscle Dysmorphia)

I saw in the BBC news that 1 in 10 men in Britain suffer from bigorexia (muscle dysmorphia). Which is an anxiety disorder that makes one believe they are small despite of being huge (muscular).

This condition affects both sexes and many get unreported. Sometimes bigorexia is known as reverse anorexia.

Bigorexia is a growing problem in UK and it can lead to depression and even suicide!

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(I do not understand how people who suffer from this condition cannot see how muscular they are).

People have lost jobs, girlfriends and social life! Do not get me wrong, regular exercise is good but excessive is dangerous. These people are constantly living in the gym for long hours which leads to depression and breakups in relationships.

What causes Bigorexia?

The actual cause of this disease is unknown however genetic imbalance in the brain chemicals can lead to muscle dysmorphia. Plus there is a constant social pressure for men and women to get that V and muscular shape.

In the BBC news there was a story shared from Adam Trice where is tells viewers how he become obsessed in body building. He was 12 stones and wanted to be 15 stones; eventually he reached his goal in short time. Which forced him to make another goal, 17 then 19 and so on… His goals where constantly changing. He lost his job, her girlfriend and his home. Because of his obsession of getting huge and muscular.

He got so depressed that he even thought to commit suicide! Luckily he found professional help which he suggest that helped him to like himself.

Steroids are illegal in UK and constant use of it is a sign of bigorexia. There are a long list of negative side effects of using steroids such as: shrinking of testicles, increase in heart beats and liver problems.

The story of Oli Loyne touched me. He was only 18 when he started using steroids to get muscular. Her mother told that his bigorexia was triggered by his height insecurity. (Oli was only 5.2 feet tall). At age 19 Oli suffered from 2 heart attacks and eventually loss his life from the third heart attack at age 20.

This is how dangerous bigorexia and use of steroids are! Do not waste your life by taking drugs and by having an excessive obsession that forces you to lose your job, social and love life.