fear and phobias
fear and phobias

Humans are afraid of many things, although it is all psychological as studies suggest that once you overcome the psychological boundary the fears disappear, nonetheless people are born with phobias some are afraid of dark, others spider, some of heights or closed spaces.

But there are some other more bizarre phobias around the world

Here are the top 7 most bizarre phobias that most people never heard off:


The fear of cleaning with water, this may sound strange but as I said these are some of the most bizarre phobias that people suffer. People with ablutophobia will leave months if not years without washing themselves, the fear of being clean with water supresses them to take body hygiene.


The fear of color yellow, people with xanthophobia get severe panic attacks when they encounter the color yellow. Imagine that you are in a traffic and the signal goes yellow from green, this may just take few seconds but if the xanthophobia is severe this minute seconds can trigger a heart attack.


If you love someone and want to send flowers to them make sure that they are not suffering from Anthophobia, these people get an anxiety and panic attack when they encounter flowers or petals.


This is a bizarre phobia and involves peanut butter and it is different from peanut allergy, arachibutyrophobia means fear of get peanut butter stuck on the roof of your mouth. Nobody knows why but people with this phobia get really embarrassed when this happens so they try to avoid peanuts.


The fear of being surrounded by furniture, people with this phobia prefer leaving in the streets or in open areas without any furniture. It is suggested that homeless people get this phobia after being leaving outside for long time. But this phobia is treated rapidly with hypnosis.


You probably hear of this phobia, especially if you follow television. Coulrophobia is the fear of clowns and this phobia is not only found on children but also in adults. Imagine you are in a children birthday party and clowns are invited people with this phobia will get terrified and scared leading to panic attacks or crying.


Probably the most bizarre phobias of them all, the fear of self. Sounds bizarre right? People with autophobia are constantly afraid of being self-harmed and about 5 percent of world population suffers from this phobia and it requires extensive therapy and hypnosis and still there are numbers who never recover.