Plain Yogurt - natural cure for bad breath

If you are embarrassed of your bad breath this is for you! A study made by Dr. Kenichi Hojo (Tsurumi University in Yokohama – Japan) found that plain yogurt can cure chronic bad breath.

Volatile Sulphur Compounds or VSC’s is the main cause of bad breath, a bacteria that smells causing bad breath.

Dr. Kenichi Hojo found that eating plain yogurt 3 times a week cures bad breath, the yogurt must be sugar free and without flavor. The active bacteria that we are looking for are “Lactobacillus bulgaricus” and “Streptococcus thermophilus” which are found in these plain yogurts.

The study found that 80% of people with bad breath problem who tried plain yogurt 3 times a week for 14 days their chronic long term bad breath problem disappeared. The remaining 20% had to do some extra lifestyle changes.

You must look carefully on the label and if the label says something like “live cultures” that is the yogurt to buy. Plain yogurt takes funny especially if you are used to sugary and flavored yogurts, nonetheless after trying for few days you will get used to it, plus plain yogurts nowadays they are widely available on the market just search on the natural food section on your grocery store.

Another good way to cure bad breath is to clean your tongue regularly by using a tongue cleaner. And if you can use mouth wash after every meal (even if you brushed your teeth), doing this regularly your bad breath will slowing disappear.

So there you have it! 100% natural and organic way to cure bad breath just eat plain yogurt 3 times a day and clean your tongue regularly do that for 2 week and fell the difference.