cynophobia overcome the fear of dogs

Cynophobia or the fear of dogs is a very common phobia among people, here is a guide that will help you in how to overcome your fear of dogs.

You might think that people with cynophobia are those who have been bitten by a dog in the past, but the fact is that most people with cynophobia never ever been bitten and still they have that inner fear of big dogs. Why is that? We do not know, but the studies suggest that it comes from your mental sub-consensus or having an extra ability of your senses.

When you have extremely focus on a certain thing your senses will also drive your attention and when this happens your senses get oversensitive.

Dogs also have senses and when they sense that the other person is in fear they tend to strike, this is a wrong perspective. Not all dogs do this, dogs with rabies or with rage will retaliate but only if you start running after making eye contact.

Dogs are wild animals and in wild the pray runs and the hunter strikes and this is what naturally comes in carnivorous animals, and dogs are no exception. But dogs can be educated and this is why dogs are man best friend.

If you have natural fear with dogs (cynophobia) the best treatment for this is to adopt a dog or spend time with another person’s dog. Once you start petting and playing with a dog your fear of dogs will naturally overcome. This can take more than 1 session but this is the actual treatment for overcoming the fear of dogs.

Studies show that many of trainers that work and play with dogs using pheromones that angers the predator to attack where cynophobians and they overcome their phobia by simply engaging this these deadly dogs in sessions. So there is no reason why you shouldn’t.

And after spending time with dogs you will start enjoying the company and maybe who knows you might even adopt one!