Fitness Plan for Teenage Guys to Build Muscle

If you are a teenage guy and want to build muscle, here is a fitness plan for you! Many teenagers follow television, media and celebrity news. They dream to become one, and the true fact is that they can! Teenage guys have a huge advantage among adults, especially in fitness industry (football, wrestling, baseball, army, force, etc.)

During your teen years your body wants to grow, the hormones are programmed to get bigger and during this phase of life if you really take care of your body and fitness you can become the next superstar!

A lot of work is necessary and certain things should be avoided, below are 5 things that every teenage guy should know:

Fitness Plan for Teenage Guys to Build Muscle

1. Get a full body check-up and find out if there are any hearth or health conditions that could affect your muscle, joints and/or breathing. Taking a physical body exam before starting your muscle building regime is necessary.

2. Do not take shortcuts, especially in your teen years, supplements and steroids do provide short term performance but in long term you will face lots of health problems. In your teen years where the body is still developing taking these supplements will drastically affect your body metabolism and will really damage your body and health. It is true that many athletes do take these drugs and these are illegal and when they get caught they are ban from the competition. Performance enhancers are good for training but only after certain age when the body is fit and fully developed.

3. Build a fitness program, start by watching and reading fitness magazine and then start your regime. Start with basics which includes: bench press, squats, deadlift, shoulder press, cardio and then weights. After mastering these jump to more complex workout training.

4. To build muscle you need a good diet plan also rich in carbohydrates and proteins. There are whole grains, bread, fruits, milk, beans and lentils. If you are guy you need to consume at least 3000 calories specially when working out to build muscle. A healthy breakfast should never be skipped because this is the most important meal of the day, it stats the body metabolism.

5. And finally feed your muscle when they are hungry. Insulin is another important hormone that makes your muscles soak up sugar and proteins and insulin is super effective after workout therefore within an hour after each workout feed your muscle with carbs and proteins.

As you can see proteins is what is all about but too much proteins can harm the body specially the kidneys. So do not overdue in proteins and follow the above guidelines.