Weight can be a tricky thing to keep balanced.  Some of us need to lose weight.  Some of us need to gain weight.  Is there an actual healthy weight range?  Yes, there is an ideal weight range for everyone.  Click on this link to discover your ideal weight range.

There is also an ideal amount of calories for every person.  To maintain your current weight you need to eat a certain amount of calories.  This is called your basal metabolic rate or BMR.  Find your unique BMR by using this handy BMR calculator.

If you want to lose weight you must eat less calories and if you want to gain weight you need to eat more calories.

Nutrition is important for good health, so if you want to be at your best health you will want to eat a balanced amount of calories in all the food groups.  Your body needs proper nutrition for proper fuel.  However, let’s just focus on calories and weight at the moment.

People who have trouble gaining weight generally have a high metabolism.  A high metabolic rate can make consuming additional calories tough.


Lifestyle Tips For Weight Gain


  • Eat 3 meals everyday.  
  • Have protein at every meal.  Red meat, pork, skin on chicken or salmon are all good choices.
  • Eat calorie dense foods:  potatoes, corn, peas, granola cereal, avocado, whole milk, cheese and eggs.
  • Increase your “Add Ons”.  If you are having a sandwich add cheese, pickles or avocado.  If you are having cereal add in bananas to the bowl.  If having pasta add meat to the sauce.  Understand the idea that you need to bulk up the calories in everything you are eating.
  • Increase portion sizes.  Order up.
  • Snack.  You need to snack regularly, at least 3 snack per day.  Some snack ideas are:  milkshakes, fruit smoothies, ice cream, chips with dip, nuts or crackers with peanut butter.  Don’t avoid oils and sweets but don’t make all your extra calories come from high sugar foods.
  • Replace water with higher calories drinks.  This sounds crazy to most of us but you need to drink fruit juice and sports drinks that contain calories.  Soda is never a good drink choice option so stay away from that if you can.  But add cream to your coffee and sugar to your tea.



You need to keep aerobic exercise to a minimum.  So limit the cardio and the long walks on the treadmill.  You will want to lift weights.  Weight lifting creates bulky muscles that will help fill out your thinness.  Fewer reps with heavier weights.



By definition you are considered underweight if your BMI is below 18.5.  Only about 2% of the population is underweight.  Those considered underweight are 18-24 years old or over 65 years old.  Women are more likely to be underweight than men.

Know your numbers:  Body Mass Index Calculator


If you still have trouble gaining weight after following some of the above tips.  Schedule an appointment with your health care professional.  You need to rule out any medical condition that is preventing you from gaining weight.  There are also some health risks for being underweight.


To determine the calories you need to consume to gain weight use this health calculator:  Calories To Gain Weight



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