How I Lost 30Kg in 6 Months the Best Diet Plan Ever

Today I decided to write about a diet plan I followed where I was able to lose 30kg that is 67lbs in just 6 months! I was losing weight at a rate of over 2.5lb a week or 5kg a month!

I was 108kg and within 6 months my weight was 78kg that is a reduction of 30kg and I did not spend a single penny in gym membership!  Here is how I did it: I started counting calories, I knew that an average adult male requires 2500 calories a day and I am a strict vegetarian. I even order Asian vegetarian meals when I travel abroad.

So I went to the internet and searched for calorie intake of each food that I normally consume which are: chapattis, vegetables, dal (lentils), yogurt, rice and for breakfast tea/coffee, Weetabix, milk and toast.

I also calculated my basal metabolic rate and it was 1800 calories, this number means that my body will required this much energy a day to survive (breathing, blood circulation, etc). Which means I need to consume at least 1800 calories to allow my basal metabolic rate or my body to survive.

After a thorough research I found out that I consume over 2400 calories a day.

I also bought a pedometer and started walking and calculated exactly how much I should walk in order to burn those extra calories required. For a thorough research on pedometer read my earlier blogpost – walk 10000 steps a day and burn 661 calories

So my created a diet plan and I managed to stick with it for 6 months and I lost 30kgs and that plan was:

  • Eat no more than 1800 calories a day (and count every single meal using a calculator)
  • Walk 1 hour a day using a pedometer and calculate how many calories burned
  • And here is the most important part:
  • This program helped me replace all the empty, low nutrient, high calorie foods with low calorie, nutrient dense products.
  • Drink 5 litres of water throughout that day
  • Have a healthy, sensible and low calorie dinner (only 2 chapattis, vegetables, dal (lentils) but not rice)

My secret was only eating 1 regular meal and using the meal replacement shakes from the programs. Sometimes I used to eat peppers and low calorie fruits but what really filled me up was 5 litres of water a day!

Buying a pedometer also helped.

2500 calories required a day – 1450 calories consumed a day = 1050 calories less a day (not counting calories burned by walking 1 hour a day).

7700 calories burn = 1kg in reduction

1050 calories x 30 days x 6 months = 189000 calories! That is 24kg lost in just diet!

For my walking exercise read my walk 10000 steps a day and burn 661 calories blogpost.