Nalmefene the drug that cuts down alcohol consumption

Nalmefene or sometimes called Selincro is a medical pills/drug that helps to cut down alcohol consumption. This pill is prescribe to heavy drinkers along with psychological therapy.

Alcohol abuse cost the NHS over 2 billion pounds a year and this pill that is already in circulation in Scotland, costs £3 pounds per tablet. It is estimated to help over 600000 (six hundred thousand) people in UK.

The recommended alcohol dose for men is 7.5 units a day and 5 units a day for women. In other words men should not exceed more than 3 pints of beer a day and women should not exceed more than 2 pints of beer a day.

Teenagers and young adults who adventure in binge drinking are more vulnerable but this drug is to set as a last resort for heavy drinkers.

Alcohol can damage your liver and increases chances of getting cancer and early death. Psychology therapy is helpful but it requires some self-motivation and some self-effort in order to cut down heavy alcohol abuse.

Pills and drugs should not be the ideal solutions for any problem as these can lead to long term side effects, regarding Nalmefene / Selincro is hard to tell since this drug is in its early stages but be sure that it will cause side effects for many.

Nalmefene works because it cuts down the motor that bring pleasure in drinking alcohol and the idea is that the heavy drinker will feel no pleasure at all in drinking alcohol which will lead him to cut down alcohol “voluntarily” but as said earlier this pill is only prescribe as a last resort and along with psychological therapy.

So my friends my advice is that drink safely and under the guidelines and avoid drinking while driving as this also leads to numerous deaths that could be easily avoided!