Why do We Brush Teeth in the Morning Before Breakfast

Why do we brush our teeth in the morning, before breakfast? And why we should brush our teeth before bedtime? We will answer these questions in depth in this article.

I see a lot of question similar to the above in Yahoo Answers and this is why I decided to write an article about this. This seems to be common question among young and teen.

We should always brush our teeth after every single meal. This will clean all the bad bacteria and food residue left in the mouth. Food residue left in the mouth and teeth over time creates teeth decay as bacteria spreads and eats the healthy teeth. It also creates bad breath which is very unhealthy.

So why we need to brush our teeth before breakfast and before bedtime? The answer is simple: fresh breath. To start the day with fresh breath and to end the day with fresh breath this is why we brush our teeth when we wake up!

It is important to brush teeth before breakfast but it is more important to brush afterwards and this is what most people do not do! I have explain why we brush teeth after meals and to avoid teeth decay we must always brush teeth after every single meal!

Also what most people are unaware of is that what really cleans our teeth is the brush not the toothpaste, toothpaste only gives you fresh breath but what really cleans your teeth is the brush therefore if you do not use toothpaste you can still brush your teeth!

Mouthwash and tongue cleaners are also very healthy and helps fresh breath and oral care, but nothing beats the brush, therefore take care of your brush and if needed buy a new one every now and then.

So this was my short and in depth of why to brush teeth before and after meal and bedtime. For teeth whitening tips read my earlier blogpost – How to Get Whiter Teeth at Home!