5 Ways to Lose 10Kg in 1 Month Without Exercise

People often ask me how to lose weight without exercise? So I decided to write this article.

I will share with you 5 effective ways to lose 10kg or 22.5lb in 1 month without exercise.

A lot of people struggle to lose weight and their number one weakness often is doing regular exercise.

If you ask any medical professional or nutritionist they will tell you that all you need to do in order to lose weight is to have a well balanced diet and exercise.

I have also wrote an article where I explain how dieting is better than exercising, you can read it here it is titled – Dieting is Better than Exercise UK Studies Suggest.


You can lose weight by simply dieting and avoiding daily workouts, however it works far better and faster if you do both. Nonetheless below are 5 effective ways to lose 10kg of body weight without exercising:

#1 Eat Complex Carbohydrates

In order to lose weight you must eat complex carbohydrates. Along with fiber and proteins. These type of food helps to boost metabolism and they are easy to digest. Plus they are low in calories which makes them the perfect energy source for your body.

#2 Dairy Foods

Milk and yogurts are a great source of calcium and essential for losing weight. If you are lacto intolerant than you should drink soya milk and soya yogurts and avoid eating ice creams and sugary milk shakes.

#3 Switch Regular Sugar to Stevia Sugar

Adding regular sugar in your diet will only produce fat; by switching to stevia you will ensure that your body does not store body fat because unlike regular sugar, stevia sugar has zero calories and stevia sugar is 300 times sweeter than regular sugar. This means you can enjoy your sugary sweets such as cakes and biscuits as long as you prepare it with stevia sugar.

#4 Lemon Drink Before and After Each Meal

Adding few drops of lemon in hot water and drinking it before and after each meal will help your body to melt body fat and it will also ensure that you have a quick digestion. But you should be careful in adding lemons drops because too much will also cause flickering eye movements as a negative side effect.

#5 The Sun and Vitamin D

Human body can survive for many months without food as long as it gets its energy from the Sun. Vitamin D is essential for many things and making sure that you get enough sunshine will help the body to produce enzymes. And these enzymes will in long term help you to lose weight. So make sure that you step outside for a couple of hours each day.

That is it! If you follow all the above and do not exceed 1200 calories a day you will lose 10kg or 22.5lbs in 1 month without exercise. (Depending on your current body weight, height and age).