How To Lose 5lbs or 2.25Kg a Week with Lemon Diet

Lemons are great for weight loss and today we will discuss the lemon diet to lose up to 5lbs or 2.25kg a week.

There are several negative side effects of consuming too much lemons and we will cover that also in this article.

I do not understand why people struggle to lose weight since there is no secret for weight loss, plus there are so many healthy tips online that can help you and guide you to lose weight faster.

And still people find difficult to lose weight…

Anyhow, many health professionals will tell you that in order to lose weight you must count your daily calorie intake and do regular exercise.

The best exercise in my opinion is cardio exercise because it boost your body metabolism. Well pretty much every single exercise or workout will boost your metabolism but cardio will also strengthen your muscles and stamina.

Regarding calories intake you must first calculate your BMR, it requires 5 inputs: current weight, height, sex, activity level and age. Once you know your BMR make sure that you never eat more than your BMR number.  You can click on this link or go to Health Surgeon’s BMR Calculator from the home page.  Click on calculators and scroll down until you find the BMR calculator.


Now lets talk about the:

Lemon diet to lose up to 5 pounds or 2.25kg a week

I have no idea why this works but I have a theory and that consists on the citric acid found on lemons that somehow helps to melt body fat. I have personally tried this diet and it works but it also cause a negative side effect if you overdue it.

The lemon diet consist you drinking 1 whole lemon with water before and after every single meal.

This will help digestion and regarding negative side effects: if you overdue with lemons you will notice flickering eye movements a week after. So be cautious in lemons and do not overdue.

If you do it right you will notice a great reduction of your body weight in just 1 week. That is it!