Adaptogens are a collection of mushrooms and herbs that support the body and mind against daily stressors. They help to give you a good night’s sleep which will aid in the body’s biological repair process. Adaptogenic mushrooms and herbs help create a healthy calm body by regulating a person’s cortisol levels or reducing a body’s anxiety levels. The five best adaptogens to use are Ashwagandha (a root extract that lessens stress and improves sleep), American Ginseng (which helps to regulate stress and cortisol levels), Schisandra (herb that helps with anxiety), Holy Basil (herb that is thought to reduce anxiety), and Reishi (a mushroom that is thought to increase sleep quality).

Key Takeaways:

  • Ashwagandha is the most well known root to use for sleep function
  • American Ginseng is another good alternative to use if you have sleep issues.
  • Holy Basil which is also known as Tulsi is highly recommended.

“In this article, we will discuss how adaptogens may be helpful in promoting sleep while reducing levels of stress.”

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