“I would rather profit from 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of my own efforts.”

—J Paul Getty – One of the First Billionaires in the World

PURIUM is a Business of Duplication

Your business income will compound as you enroll new people into our success system. You may know that a single penny doubled every day for 30 days becomes more than $5,000,000. What you may not realize is that on Day 10, you have just over $10. But, just 20 days later, you will have over $5 million! Because our business is highly leveraged, you may put in a to of effort the first several months for relatively small financial gains – but then the power of leverage, duplication and compounding will begin to work in your favor! New people will join your business (people you may have never met or contacted) and they will follow the system … and enroll others … who will enroll others.

“Compounding is one of the most powerful forces in all of nature. “

—Albert Einstein – Greatest Scientist of the 20th Century

Suddenly, your business will grow independently of your own direct efforts and that is a beautiful thing!

The SYSTEM is the Solution to Success.

Being system-dependent instead of people-dependent maximizes duplication and creates true residual income! Starbucks doesn’t make the best coffee, but they became the biggest coffee chain in the world, because they have the best system. Purium has BOTH, the best products and the best system.



If You Can Hand Out a Gift Card – You Can Be Successful with Purium!
Purium is a company with true integrity – with your health and wellness in mind. It is a company that believes in empowering its members financially through the powerful model of network marketing. Purium believes in their company and products so much that they have implemented a powerful and unique Gift Card Marketing Program which allows their members to get paid for giving away gift cards to potential customers and/or members.

Here is how the program works:
When you enroll in Purium with either the Gold, Platinum or Launch Enrollment Packs, you will also receive 20, 50 or 100 Gift Cards, respectively. Then you hand out the Gift Cards (or even email or text your Gift Card Code) to others. Your prospects will in turn, REDEEM the Gift Card for a full $50 credit toward ANY Purium product they want OR apply the $50 savings toward any Purium Enrollment Pack they choose. NO strings attached. That is how confident Purium is about their products!

As a PLC Member (having a minimum 50 BV Back-up order), you will earn 30% commission on their entire order over $20. That’s right – you can MAKE MONEY giving away Purium Gift Cards!

The code I am currently using for my partners is HealthStatus

Earn money every step of the way:

  • As your team buys the Gift Cards
  • When someone samples the products
  • When you enroll a new Customer
  • When you enroll a new Member who want to hand out $50 Gift Cards of their own!

Purium’s Gift Card program is the “ultimate deal.”
The prospect receives $50 off his or her first order, paying only for shipping and handling. It’s like … say um … only having to pay the tip when you go out to eat! You quickly discover just how much fun it is to offer something of real value to others instead of trying to “sell” something. It can become addictive!

Simple, simple, simple – Sample, sample, sample!
There is no charge for the new Gift Card Marketing web system. No upfront cost or monthly service charge. This new system provides you with an easy way to introduce Purium Health Products to others. You will have ability to offer Gift Cards to, carrying an incredible $50 value, for only $9.95 shipping and handling. Gift Card recipients will have the choice of applying the $50 toward an order of Purium products or toward a new Purium Enrollment Pack. In other words, he/she will receive a true $50 off an initial first order and only has to pay for shipping and handling.

  • People try the products – you can make money.
  • People enroll as a customer – you can make more money.
  • And when they enroll as a Distributor with one of the Enrollment Packs, they get their own gift cards to share!
  • These are cards you didn’t pay for, getting handed to people you don’t know – and when the cards are redeemed … you can make money.

This is the true power of a system with “built-in” duplication, creating leverage for you!
Basically, if you can hand out a free Gift Card to people, you can be successful with Purium.
The Purium Distribution model works in YOUR Favor!

GIVE $50. GET $50
The Purium sampling program is unlike any other system you have ever seen. You hand out $50 Gift Cards and then Purium pays you a $50 bill every time a card is redeemed for a Transformation. If you think it’s easier to give something away than it is to sell something, please check out the following two short video presentations:

Every Gift Card that is redeemed for a Transformation, you earn $50. It’s that simple. If the card is redeemed for an Enrollment Pack (Gold, Platinum or Launch Pack), you earn even more than $50.

And if the card is redeemed for individual products, you earn a retail commission (up to 30% as a PLC Member) on the entire order over $20.


Gift Card Marketing is Perfect for People Looking for MORE Income – Not More Work.

The Purium business model is just as unique and just as effective as our product line is. NO other company has a system this simple and this automated! With Gift Card Marketing, you can let the products do the selling for you and let the online marketing system do the rest. No matter how much, or how little, business experience or sales ability you have, you can now successfully promote Purium! In fact, when you purchase an Enrollment Pack, you already have a marketing budget to work with!

When you enroll with a Getting Started Pack or Gold Pack
you will receive 5 Gift Cards. Share them with other s to pay for the product you purchased!

When you enroll with a Platinum Enrollment Pack,
you will receive 50 Gift Cards or … $2,500 worth of product to give away as you share Purium! (50 x 50 = $2,500)

Lastly, when you enroll with a Launch Enrollment Pack,
you will receive UNLIMITED Gift Cards for one year! Imagine the power of an unlimited marketing budget!

If You Can Hand Out a $50 Gift Card, YOU Can Be Successful.
You choose your Gift Card Code during the enrollment process. It’s like your own personalized ‘marketing’ license plate. Not only will you receive a “code” but the company will also be sending you real physical plastic Gift Cards that you can actually hand out to people – OR you can share the code with others via text, email, over the phone or through social media. What ever works best for you. Every situation might call for something different. Just remember, the Gift Cards will not produce any results for you if you do not share them! That’s the secret – SHARE THEM!

Gift Card Marketing

Timing & Trends

Tools & Systems





Become a Retail Customer save $50 on your Purchase.

buy purium

Best option for trying products without commitment.

Gift Cards can be redeemed by simply selecting 1) BUY or 2) JOIN or via the https://puriumenrollment.com/. Either selection will direct you to a page where you will then complete your information and enter a Gift Card Code – such as WISH.

PURIUM GIFT CARDS – Benefit You and the New Customer or Member
Here are just a few reasons why purchasing and using Purium Gift Cards will help create momentum, duplication, and bigger checks for you:

Easier and more “Convenient” to transport and mail.
Your “marketing tool” is portable, fitting in a purse, wallet, or envelope!

Redemption of the Gift Card initiates an “Automated Follow-Up System.”
Supplements and reinforces any follow-up you do.

You keep “Control” of the Gift Card.
If someone does NOT redeem the card, you may offer the ‘card number’ to another prospect

Easier to show the “Value” of enrolling.
People are familiar with gift cards and this one is worth $50 of retail product!

Easier to show “Duplication” and how to get into profit.
Even if only 7% successful, by getting 40 Gift Cards and by enrolling just 3 new people, you will break even!

Find out where to buy Purium here, don't fall for these online business traps.

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