The pandemic has allowed millions of Americans to work from home for the first time. This new approach to work has changed the way many people live their lives. For one, more people are eating breakfast. Eliminating a morning commute freed up a large chunk of time for remote workers, allowing the percentage of people who cook at home to increase by 38%.  From 2019 to 2020, home consumption of common breakfast items grew. Pancakes saw the most dramatic increase, up 25% from the past year.  2 in 3 people now make it a high priority to eat breakfast during the workweek.

There are many reasons people call breakfast the most important meal of the day. Breakfast foods deliver important nutrients like fiber, calcium, and iron to people.  Eating breakfast can lower the risks of type 2 diabetes and cholesterol problems. The benefits aren’t only physical, however. The addition of a morning meal can help people stay alert and focused, reducing incidences of brain fog. Controlling hunger early helps people make better food choices throughout the day, leading to improved health outcomes.

The most common reason for skipping breakfast is not lack of hunger, rather it is a lack of time. People have a lot to do in the morning, especially on workdays. 63% of people would rather gain an extra hour of sleep than get up early to make breakfast. An hour may not be exaggerating; half of Americans think breakfast is the most time-consuming meal to make.

People want breakfast items they can prepare quickly. Refrigerated “heat and eat” breakfast items are growing in popularity due to their convenience, taste, and price. 2 in 5 people are more interested in these types of items than before the pandemic. Don’t let weekday mornings go by without enjoying a healthy and tasty breakfast.



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