Platinum Pack 1b

Take advantage of in GENius plant power – every day. Raw. Clean. With dozens of organic ingredients. Ready to enjoy in 10 seconds, wherever you are.

Say YES – to saving money, time and effort but NO – to compromising on quality, potency or variety of your daily superfoods.

Replace empty calories twice each day with complete nourishment at the cellular level. Take your meals, your wellbeing and mental clarity to the highest level.

Your genes only make up part of your health story.  Your lifestyle and habits also play a role in how healthy you can be.  The nutrient dense, high vibe superfoods in your Pack 1b can help you to unleash your full potential.  Every single day.

Your Pack 1b has been created based on decades of experience in plant based nutrition plus the latest research on phytonutrients and the connection between natural foods and favorable human gene expression.

Your Pack 1b features:

  • polyphenol rich berries
  • medicinal mushrooms
  • powerful herbs
  • cereal grasses
  • algae
  • vegan protein
  • coconut MCT oil

You may replace one meal or snack per day with the creamy L.O.V.E. Dark Berry Shake and enjoy clean green energy once a day whenever you need an energy boost of energy or preceding meals.

Benefits Include Pack 1b:

The Nutrients in L.O.V.E Dark Berry: 

  • Can help support brain health and mental clarity
  • May support a healthy nervous system
  • Can promote healthy blood vessels and heart health
  • May support healthy eyesight
  • Can help maintain healthy joints and mobility
  • Support the maintenance of a stable blood sugar level

The Nutrients in Hippokrates Power:

  • Help alkalinize your body
  • Can support healthy liver function
  • Support healthy detox capacity
  • Can contribute to a healthy microbiome
  • Can support healthy cell membranes
  • Support a healthy immune function

Important to know:
It‘s also GENius, what is NOT in your Raw. Organic. GENius Pack 1b:

  • no sugar
  • no gluten
  • no soy
  • no animal ingredients
  • no artificial sweeteners
  • no artificial flavours
  • no artificially extracted / single vitamins
  • no pesticides or other environmental pollution
  • no nightshade plants

Suggested use:

  • Thoroughly mix 1 Scoop (24,85 gram) in a glass of water (250 ml).
  • Try adding coconut milk or raw coconut butter for extra creaminess.
  • Mix 2 scoops (35,5 g) with a big glass of water.
  • Best mixed with cold water in a shaker cup or bottle.


  • Hippokrates Power
  • L.O.V.E Dark Berry

Keep out of reach of children. Keep container tightly closed. Store dry and not above room temperature and out of the reach of children. Contains a bag filled with a harmless adsorbent that should not be consumed.

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