improve eyesight

Nearly 68 percent of UK people wear glasses of contact lenses. And in recent eyes these numbers raised specially in young children and teenagers. The culprit could be the current lifestyle as technology advances more younger people get into: LCD TV, laptop, computer, tablet, mobile phones, internet, etc.

Technology is good because without advancements in tech we would not have better medical equipment to treat patients, not to mention why there is a fast aging population trends nowadays.

Nonetheless people are getting more reliable to PC, laptops, tablets, internet and these creates a huge tension to your eyesight’s. Long usage of these LCD TV monitors will damage your eyes and lead to wearing glasses or specs.

foods to improve eyesight

It is advisable that you take 5 minutes break every 45-60 minutes and during this time you wash your eyes with cold water. You should do this exercise every morning. Splashing cold water to your eyes daily will ensure that your eyesight stays sharp for long time. Studies show that people who wear contact lenses and splash cold water to their eyes daily improve there eyesight’s.

But there is more you can do to improve your eyesight, please note that these tips is not only for people who already wear contact lenses but also for preventing you not to damage your eyes. World without eyes is really hard and while you are still young (kids and teenage specially) follow these tips will really ensure you that you have a 20/20 vision for long time. Damaging your eyes during the period your body is still developing will increase the risks of not having any sight at all. So please take care of your eyes and follow the tips below:

Carrot: eating carrot and leafy greens can help your eyesight since carrots are rich in vitamin A or beta carotene, which is responsible for many things including you eyesight.

Spinach and leafy green: these are rich in vitamin C which helps to reduce eye stress among other things.

Turkey meat: is rich in zinc another essential  ingredient to improve eyesight, it is recommended that you intake 11mg of zinc a day and 1 slice of turkey contains 3mg of zinc.

Seafood: these are rich in omega 3 and omega 3 provides protection to your eyes against infection. Fish oil is also great to regenerate your eyes.

Nuts: although vitamin E is essential for your hair and skin grout but vitamin E can also slowdown the age process of your eyes, therefore eating a good amount to nuts can help prolonging the longevity of your eyesight.