Drinks are Calories Downsizing it Will Save 1 Workout

Drinks except water contains a number of calories and by downsizing it you will save hundreds of calories a day, which can turn out to be 1 whole workout session!

By simply swapping from a regular frizzy drink to a diet drink will save you a bundle of calories. But if you cannot find diet drink alternatives (such as coffee, latte, alcoholic drink, fruit juice, etc.); you can always downsize it or swap it for a lower caloric alternative.

Drinks do not fill up your stomach like food does, and some contain so much sugar cubes that exceed the daily recommended dose. Water is a healthier choice of drink because it contains zero calories.

Below are examples of drink choices that you can downsize or swap for a lower caloric alternative and save hundreds of calories a day/month/year:

  • 8 oz Starbucks Tall Caffe Latte with whole milk = 180 calories
    swapping it to a 8 oz Starbucks Tall Caffe Latte with non-fat milk = 100 calories
    Savings of 80 calories a drink
  • 200ml mix drink with liquor = 190 calories
    swap it to 150ml white wine = 100 calories
    Saving of 90 calories a drink
  • 8 oz orange juice = 122 calories
    swap it to a 8 oz tomato juice = 41 calories
    Savings of 81 calories a drink
  • 330ml regular soda = 151 calories
    swap it to a 330ml diet soda = 0 calories
    Savings of 151 calories a drink

If you drink lots of Starbucks coffee you will notice from the example above that you can save over 2400 calories a month by simply swapping to a non-fat milk coffee version. Which will save you 1 week workout session.

Remember for every 3500 calories burn you will lose 1lbs (0.45kg).

Also swapping a 90g bag of potato crisps to a 30g bag of same will save you 300 calories a day! Which means you could save 9000 calories a month or 2/3 weeks workout session; and lose 2.5lb or 1.15kg.