Did you know that 64% of US adults wear prescription eyewear? Eyeglass wearers typically spend about $200 on each glasses purchase, and most need new pairs every 1-3 years. If consumers wear more than one pair of glasses, such as a daily pair as well as prescription sunglasses, they can spend a large amount of money on glasses every year.

Glasses often need to be replaced due to scratches on the lenses or if the lenses break entirely. Even if lens damage does not occur, overall wear and tear of glasses can lead to needing new lenses as they can stop fitting securely within the frames. Consumers’ vision can also change over time, and it can be damaging to continue wearing glasses that are no longer the correct prescription. This is why over time, eyeglass wearers often need to replace their entire pair of glasses– but this problem can be solved. 

Replacement lenses offer a way for eyeglass wearers to keep their lenses up-to-date without the cost of replacing their entire pair of glasses. These lenses come in many different forms so that all consumers can be sure to find the right pair for them. Replacement lenses can be purchased in a multifocal prescription to correct vision both near and far. Consumers can also purchase lenses that can assist with more niche problems such as difficulty seeing while driving at night, or eye fatigue in bright light.

One of the most helpful aspects of replacement lenses are that they are easy to order and change out. If you think you may benefit from replacement lenses, you can choose the best pair for you and place an order. You can expect your new lenses to arrive in as little as 5 days! That’s a much faster process than ordering a brand new pair of glasses each year. Learn more about the many benefits of replacement lenses in the infographic below:


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