The supplement industry is experiencing massive growth, and it is critical to understand the industry as it gains global relevance and shapes the health and fitness communities.

On the whole, 55% to 60% of consumers worldwide consume vitamins and other supplements each day.  In the US, these numbers are even bigger.  Supplement use dominates every demographic in the US, with vitamins being the most common supplement. 

Several factors drive the supplement industry’s rapid growth.  The global population is aging, and turns to supplements to keep people healthy in their older years.  Additionally, illnesses and deaths are increasing globally, and supplements provide an opportunity to reverse this trend.  COVID-19 boosted supplement use as people strove to stay healthy. 

Scientific research has expanded alongside the supplement industry, pointing to possible benefits from supplements.  Some of these benefits include increased cognitive function and decreased brain shrinkage, reduced incidence of injury, and increased workout performance.  Field experts continue to explore the impact of supplements as the industry booms–keep an eye out for new developments. 

The supplement industry is predicted to continue growing, bolstered by new supplement categories.  These categories include sleep gummies (projected to rise 1,435 in 5 years), Irish moss (projected to rise 650% in 5 years), and mushroom coffee (projected to rise 203% in 5 years).  In terms of the market, the supplement industry hit record growth in 2021 and continues to increase.

Pre-workout supplements are rising in popularity, especially as companies introduce new ingredients.  Beta-alanine and caffeine are the most popular, but several other ingredients, each with their own specific benefit, occupy the market as well.  Pre-workout is common in the fitness industry, so watching how it changes over time is critical for those serious about their fitness routines.

As more people turn to supplements as integral aspects of a healthy lifestyle, staying informed is key.  Understanding the supplement industry in terms of who is using it, what products dominate it, and where it is heading helps us make healthy and educated choices.


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