The term spring cleaning is thrown around a lot.  The definition of spring cleaning is a thorough cleaning of the house or a room usually done in the springtime. 

Why do we want to do this thorough cleaning in the spring? 

Usually this is in places that have colder climate winters.  During the winter the house is closed up allowing dust to settle, air becomes stagnant, and our respiratory health suffers.  As the air warms up it can be time to air out the house. 

There are numerous spring cleaning checklists you can find that list things from dusting ceiling fans, to vacuuming curtains and blinds, wiping down baseboards, cleaning behind appliances, organizing, rotating mattresses, and disinfecting surfaces.  The task list can look unmanageable.  Spring cleaning can benefit your health in many ways, not just get your house looking in tip top shape. 


Health Benefits Of A Good Spring Cleaning


Immune System Boost

Spring cleaning can help support your immune system.  Dust, mold, mildew, pet dander all have a tendency to build up during the winter months since we can’t air out our houses when the temperatures are too cold.  All of these things are immune system triggers, whether you have allergies or not. 

Cleaning up your house can help you avoid respiratory issues. 

Disinfecting surfaces thoroughly can help minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria

Giving everything a thorough dusting, from blinds, to curtains, to ceiling fans, to every little knickknack you have lying around can help get rid of winter dust that has settled. 

Vacuuming carpets and cloth surfaced furniture can get dust and pet dander off those surfaces to help you breathe easier in your home. 

You can also put pillows from your sofa into the dryer on high heat to kill off any dust mites. 

When the weather is pleasant and allows it to open your windows to air out your home. 

To help stop foodborne illness, make sure you wipe out your refrigerator.  Wash any fruits and vegetables before you eat them, wipe out your sink daily to get rid of bacteria, and make sure you keep surfaces where you prepare food clean and wiped down as well.  


Mental Health Boost

Spring cleaning can also help with your mental health.  Getting rid of clutter can actually lower your stress levels.  More clutter you have in your home limits the brain’s processing capacity.  When you have less clutter you have a chance of being more productive due to being less distracted by the chaos around you.  Eliminating clutter can help you focus better.  It can also help you improve your sleep.  Keeping a decluttered bedroom has shown to help people sleep better. 

The process of sorting, reorganizing, and getting rid of unwanted things can be very therapeutic.  Cleaning can be thought of as a mindless task, but sometimes that is exactly what your brain needs to have a break and relax.  A decluttered home feels more relaxing and inviting. 

A neat, tidy, fresh smelling home can boost your brain’s endorphins and improve mood and energy levels.  When you handle your physical clutter it can help ease your brain clutter and allow you to feel less anxious and stressed. 

In the process of cleaning out physically, it can also help you to feel inspired to clean out other areas of your life that aren’t serving you the best they can.  This could be unhealthy relationships, unhealthy technology, or an unhealthy relationship with food.

Cleaning our homes kick starts the process of cleaning up diet, exercise routines, and sleep habits.  


Exercise Boost

Spring cleaning can also help you become more active.  Vacuuming for thirty minutes at a time can burn approximately 94 calories.  That isn’t as much as you could get from a gym session, but it is better than sitting on the couch with no exercise. 

Are you curious how many calories you burn during different activities? Here at HealthSurgeon, we provide a calorie burned calculator that breaks it all down for you.  Calories Burned Calculator

Regular exercise lowers your risk of chronic illness.  If you don’t think cleaning can work up a sweat, or get your heart rate going you aren’t doing it right.  Vacuuming, mopping, or scrubbing floors for 30 minutes a day can decrease your chance of heart disease by 24%.  


Safety Boost

This cleaning can help you also clear out walkways, to help prevent injury and falling.  Securing rugs and carpets down can help with injuries as well. 



There you have it.  Spring cleaning is healthy and beneficial for you.  Spring cleaning can help alleviate stress and depression.  It can help promote your heart health and all over immune system strength.  This isn’t something to be avoided it should be embraced as a good and beneficial habit.  

Happy Spring Everyone!


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