quit smoking

Smoking causes numerous negative long term side effects, including cancer. You can short your lifespan by up to 20 years if you are a regular smoker for over 20 years. There is absolutely no health benefit for smoking it only harms your health and if that is what you want then please carry on smoking and die with pain (no just your but your family also).

Secondary smoke causes even more damage especially in young children and others, there is a reason why your life insurance premium get higher if you are a smoker. It damages your lungs and can cause cancer not to mention depression and other mental illness.

It can be hard to quit smoking especially if you have been addicted to nicotine, however by simply doing some lifestyle chances smoking can be quitted without suffering from withdrawal symptoms. It is all based on your psychological mind and thinking.

Weight loss, cholesterol and other illness have been beating by several thousands of people and smoking is no barrier. Here are few tips can will encourage you to quit smoking for good and have a healthy lifestyle. Plus quitting smoking will help your saving those thousands that you wanted to buy that car or golf clubs that you wanted.

Many teenagers start smoking because their parents smoke and because they think it looks cool and generally this is how most people start smoking (some even go further and try drugs, but let’s not go that way).

There are nicotine patches, tablets and even inhalers that can help the addiction but changes in lifestyle are proven to work even better. Smoking cause’s depression however it is not easily noticeable but it does therefore the best medicine is to do things that makes you forget smoking.

If you like jogging or tennis or any other sport do that regularly, have a healthy diet and do stuff that makes your happy, by doing this you will not only find yourself more healthier but you will slowly forget smoking.

It is all psychological and self-hypnosis such as this have helped thousands of people so help yourself and your family and your love ones and quit smoke today.


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