Dr. Oz Green Coffee Beans

Green coffee beans extract has been advertised all over the world by internet and television. It is proved that you can lose up to 17.5 pounds in just 22 weeks without exercise or diet. In this article I will reveal the secret behind this new innovative weight loss trend.

Nearly a quarter of world population is either obese or overweight and most of these people do not do regular exercise and this is why scientist are constantly finding new ways to improve our daily lives; and after years of careful research they found the benefits of green coffee beans extract.

A study was done in San Diego with scientist and volunteers (people with weight problems) and after taking a diet of pure green coffee bean extract supplements they on average lost 17.5 pounds in just 12 weeks, all of these without exercising or following any sort of diet plans.

Green beans contain high level of Chlorogenic acid, this chemical component is not found in daily roasted coffee beans; because roasted bean lose this crucial element when they are bowled. The finding of Chlorogenic acid is really a remarkable finding in weight loss business!

Chlorogenic acid once enters the body it attacks the body fat cells and forces the system to burn stored fat and then flushes of the burn fat from the body by regulating your bowl movements. This results in a quick and easy weight loss without exercise; it also increases your metabolism rate and provides you with lots of energy.

There are other health benefits of green coffee beans; they also regulate your blood sugar levels and because the beans are not roasted it also manages to reduce your cholesterol levels.

So for now on no one can make an excuse for losing weight, because with this technology finding you can now lose up to 17.5 pounds in 12 weeks without exercise or diet.

Just make sure that you drink lots of water because dehydration can trigger once you are constantly losing weight, to avoid this issue drink at least 2 to 3 litres of  water day and prevent dehydration and other similar illness.

Green coffee beans extract supplements are recommended by several health specialists, simply because it works and it causes zero side effects.

Although this product was made purely for people who are busy to do exercise and to follow diet plans it does not mean that you should not do that. Exercising and following diet plans are the most traditional and the most natural ways to reduce weight; however with technology research constantly being examine we are now finding new and innovative ways to help your health and this is where green coffee beans comes.

What I am trying to say is that you can always to both, take this supplement and do exercise this way you will notice impressive results in less time! And exercise does not mean regular gym sessions; you can always to exercise by simply having a daily walk in the park. Walking 45 minutes a day can burn up to 500 calories, just like a gym session.