Many of us our looking for a new doctor.  Some due to the massive amounts of physicians that retired during the COVID pandemic, you have had a baby and need a pediatrician, you have moved and are living in a new area or new state, or maybe your insurance coverage has drastically changed and you need a new primary care doctor.  Whatever the reason there are some standard things to look for when shopping for a new doctor.

Finding the right doctor for you can be a little bit like dating.  You may have to spend time searching for just the right person and fit for you.

Is a primary care physician necessary? (Family Doctor)

A primary care physician will treat you for routine health issues like cold, flu and regular checkups. This doctor will keep you up to date on screenings and vaccines.   If your primary care doctor diagnoses a chronic condition you will probably be referred on to a specialist.  A benefit of having a primary care physician is they will look over your whole body and notice any medical changes that are concerning.  Your primary care doctor will share his medical records with any specialist you may need to see.


Tips For Finding the Right Doctor for You


Ask friends and family for doctors that they like.  If your current doctor is retiring, ask them for a recommendation.


If you are lucky enough to have insurance that will limit your search.  You will need to find physicians that are in your insurance network.

Doctor’s Office

There are some things you will want to know about the overall office that can help in finding a good doctor.

  • Is the location of the office convenient for me?
  • What are the hours the office is open?
  • Do they see patients on the weekend?
  • How long does it take to get an appointment?
  • If I am sick, can I see the doctor right away?
  • Who treats me if my doctor is not in the office that day?
  • What hospital does the doctor use?
  • Does this office file with my insurance or do I have to do that?
  • Does this office do in-house lab work?

Bedside Manner

How you are treated at a doctor visit is important.  You are paying for a service do not let yourself be bullied.  A good doctor will treat you with respect, listen to your opinions, encourage you to ask questions and explain things in a way that you understand.

All Treatment Options Explored and Explained

A good doctor will provide you with treatment options.  Some may be medicinal and some may be lifestyle modifications.  It is important to have all options explained.  You may choose treatment options that are totally different from someone else with the same diagnosis.  A good doctor will let you choose.


A good doctor will….

  • Clearly explain your health conditions.
  • Clearly explain all treatment options including alternative therapies, medications and surgeries.
  • Clearly explain all benefits and risks associated with each treatment option.
  • Clearly explain likely outcomes if you choose not to pursue treatment.



Finding a new doctor will probably not be easy.  Try not to get discouraged.  Your health is valuable and you need to find someone who will help you protect your health while letting you be a major part of your personal health journey.  Doctors should provide you with information to help YOU make informed choices about your health.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your care and the treatment options you choose.


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