Instant Natural Cure for Migraine Himalayan Lemon Salt

Today I found out an all organic and natural cure for migraine. It instantly cures migraine symptoms and the main ingredient is Himalayan salt and lemon.

As you know migraine is an ancient problem and in those times medicine and science was not like nowadays; but still people found ways to manage their health problems.

Migraine can be very painful and discomforting. The common symptoms of migraine are: intense headache that cannot be treated with conventional painkillers. Vomiting, nausea and sensitivity toward light is also found. Below is how you can treat and cure instantly the symptoms of migraine.

Salt Lemon Juice to Instantly Treat Migraine

It may sound unbelievable but it does work. Salt has been used to treat migraine symptoms in ancient times. The procedure is really simple but effective. Squeeze a lemon with high concentrated dose of salt and drink it. Another alternative to this method is to rub this juice in your forehead.

How can Salt Cure Migraine?

This all organic and natural treatment for migraine works because it is believed that migraine is caused when body salt levels get diluted. Therefore the best medicine is to hydrate it with sodium.

Many health professionals recommend Himalayan crystal salt for migraine users. This salt is believed to treat many health conditions because it has an ability to block pain receptors thus perfect for migraine headaches.

Himalayan crystal salts is also good for treating depression because it can balance your serotonin levels and strengthen your immune system. It also has high levels of alkaline which is good to regulate and normalize all body functions.

There you have it an all natural, organic and instant cure for migraine that can be found in your home. Just make sure that you do not overdue with sodium as it can cause hypertension and other blood related problems. Salt is good when it is used in moderation just like any other nutrition. Anything over limit causes side effects; that is how our human bodies work.