There are plenty of people out there who like the thought of being physically fit and in shape but are unwilling to go through with the effort to exercise.  Without exercise it is very difficult to maintain a healthy weight as well as keep your fitness level up to par.  There are some ways to get the exercise and activity that your body requires for good health that doesn’t require going to the gym or endless miles riding a stationary bike.

You love to shoot hoops.  You love everything about basketball both watching it and playing it.  Then all you need to do is find an open gym (many churches have open gym nights) find a playground with a hoop or put a ball hoop on your driveway.  There you have it, you can do something you enjoy and get in the physical activity that you need.

Kids love to play tag.  They may not like it if you tell them they have to run for 30 minutes.  But a game of tag gets them running without realizing they are getting in that exercise that they need.

That is the secret.  Finding a hobby or activity that gets you moving that doesn’t feel like exercise.

Or another way to disguise your exercise is to combine physical activity with something you love.  For example:

I love to read but I do not love to exercise.  Walking on the treadmill does not bring me joy but I know I need the physical activity.  I work at my desk on my computer all day everyday.  This sedentary sitting is not good for my body and does not help me to sleep at night.  The winters where I live are not conducive for walking outdoors.  However, I have found the solution to my exercise dilemma, I read while I walk.  I save my favorite reads for while I am walking on the treadmill.  I don’t even realize I am on the treadmill I get so absorbed in my reading.


How can I get the physical activity that I need to achieve good health?

Find a hobby that gets you moving!

That’s it.  The answer is find something you love to do, want to do and enjoy doing that gets you moving.  After all exercise is just getting your body moving.


Health Benefits Of Physical Activity:

  • Improves Mood
  • Promotes Normal Growth
  • Improves Digestion
  • Improves Circulation & Heart Health
  • Promotes Better Sleep
  • Reduces Risks For Disease


How much exercise do you need daily?


Exercise Guidelines According to the Department of Health and Human Services:

  • 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity OR 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity each week.
  • Do strength training exercises for all major muscle groups twice a week.



Hobbies That Can Help You Get Moving

Dancing – Dancing feels more like joy and self expression than it does exercise.  You can turn on the music in your own home and get grooving or join a dance club.  Just get up, put on your favorite music and get moving your way to better health.

Gardening – Do you have some available space in your yard.  Gardening as a hobby can help feed you and tone your muscles.  All that bending, lifting and digging can improve your overall strength.  It has the added benefit of fresh air and vitamin D from the sunshine.

Swimming – Swimming uses all major muscles groups, is great for seniors and the overweight.  Swimming is easy on your joints and is considered a great aerobic workout.

Biking – Whether you like to bike on paved trails or mountain bike in the rocky nature both are great exercise.  Outdoor biking gives you the added benefit of fresh air and sunshine.

Hiking –  Walking is always good.  Combine walking and the outdoors and you can disguise that exercise while you commune with nature.

Yoga – Stretching and breathing.  This is a great way to improve flexibility and clear your mind.  You can do this at home or join a class.

Canoeing – You may think floating along is more peaceful than any physical activity should be and your right.  You can rent canoes or purchase a canoe.  If being on the water is your idea of fun why not start with canoeing and progress to paddle boarding which uses even more core muscles to keep your balance.

Softball – Almost every city in the nation has a softball park and all ages can play competitively or recreationally.  Softball uses lots of muscles from running, jumping, crouching (catching a grounder) to throwing.

Photography – taking pictures can turn into a healthy building hobby.  Get walking in around your neighborhood, city or nature park to find those perfect pictures.  You won’t realize how many miles you will have walked looking for the perfect frame.

Roller Skating – Kids of all ages love this one.  You can do this as a family around your neighborhood or in the winter find a roller rink.  Once you learn how to skate you don’t forget.

Bowling – The great thing about bowling is you can do it year round.  It also can be a team sport which can help you build community.  Community is good for our mental health.  When you bowl you do lunges which are good for the legs and backside.

Other Hobbies That Require Physical Activity:

  • Skate Boarding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Running & Jogging
  • Archery
  • Pickle Ball
  • Badminton


Try HealthSurgeon’s Calories Burned Calculator to find out how many calories you are burning doing over 100 physical activities!



Making regular physical activity part of your lifestyle can improve your health.  Every small amount of physical activity is helpful.  You do not have to turn physical activity into work.  Just find something you love doing and do it.  Let’s get moving!



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