Recipe to Lose 20Kg in 3 Months with Ginger Juice

Today I read on an Indian newspaper that a well-known individual lost over 20kg in just 3 months with ginger juice. He was 102kg and within 3 months he lost over 20kgs of his body weight.

In the newspaper this individual states that he was horrified to know that because of his weight the doctors told him that he has: diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol and insomnia. All of these symptoms were found from his routine blood test.

How To Lose 200g of Fat Everyday and Never Regain Back

This news made him very agitated and horrified which forced him to do changes his lifestyle habits. He focused on ancient Indian ayurvedic methods to lose weight fast. And this is how he got in contact with the benefits of ginger juice.

In just 3 months of doing regular exercise and drinking ginger juice he was successfully able to lose over 20kg of his body weight and fully regulate his: high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes and insomnia symptoms.

Now because of his own success this individual is now offering free of charge his lifesaving ginger juice to people who visit his local jogging park. His success made him very famous and his ginger juice nowadays are being distributed free of charge to more than 500 people a day!

Healthy Weightloss Ginger Juice Recipe:

The ingredients of making this ginger juice are:

  • 250 grams Ginger
  • 2 litres water
  • 1/2 Lemon
  • black salt
  • pepper powder
  • turmeric powder

Crush 250 grams of ginger in a blender than put it in a bowl with 2 litres of water and boiled until the color changes and then add black salt, pepper powder, turmeric powder and 1/2 lemon. And drink it when it is lukewarm. That is it! Try it today!