master cleanse lemonade diet

The master cleanse lemonade diet is a popular diet that consist of a mixture of 4 ingredients: lemon, cayenne, maple syrup and water.

This powerful mixture will cleanse and detox your body from harmful toxic wastes inside your system.

This diet helps to lose weight since body waste is being flushed off from your system and a good cleanse body will boost your metabolism and your BMR.


People who have drink this powerful detox cleanser for 10 days found on average to be 2lbs lighter but these results can vary depending on your age, height and current weight.

Obese and overweight people should expect at least 5lbs of reduction in weight, after 10 days of detox.

What is body detox?

If you are felling uptight, stressed, tensed or in the edge – these are the signs of body toxification. You need to fully flush off all the body waste that is poisoning your system. In other words body detox.

The liver, kidneys and intestines handle body detox but sometimes these wastes get cluttered or solidify and cannot fully be removed from the body.

When that happens signs of food poising naturally occurs. To get rid of these toxic waste you need some assistance and the master cleaner lemonade diet is the solution! But this diet has to be done fasting, meaning no meals before this drink.

Also please note that overdoing will result in side effects, since this diet consist of numerous acids. If you start twitching your eyes to much or eyes getting irritated or even flipping without your concern than you should stop doing master cleanser lemonade diet.

Lemons and other acidic foods can cause these and other more dangerous side effects such as gout or even liver/kidney disease.

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