lucid dreaming

Lucid dreaming is fun and addictive but most of the time you forget what were you dreaming. The common sensation are: falling from high altitude, flying to places very quickly and visiting unusual temples, places or people.

Lucid dreaming happens naturally when you are tired and having random thoughts but here are some tips to force your brain to lucid dreaming. This is what you should do:

During the day constantly ask this question “am I dreaming” sounds weird but it helps and with practice you will lucid dream in that week (or night).

Keep a dream diary next to your bed, this is the most important step. Write about what you want to dream (a place, event, people, etc). You can also recorded your dream diary and listen while you fall in sleep. Once you will start repeating these events your brain will start to lucid dreaming.

Also studies show that napping for a few hours after waking up helps to produce a lucid dream, therefore set multiple alarm clocks in different intervals like 3-5hours each and try to remember what were you dreaming, random thoughts will occur naturally and then fall asleep again, doing this will help you to lucid dream.

Meditation, yoga and exercise also helps to lucid dreaming, when you are tired and the body wants to fall asleep is the best time/chance for lucid dreaming.

Meditation helps to relax the body and here is a tip to get good blood circulation to the brain: close one nostril and breathe in fully then switch to another nostril and breath out (not thought mouth) – this exercise is called “pranayam” and it has many health benefits. If you are a student doing pranayam every morning you will improve your concentration and grades.