5 Diet and Exercise Plans to lose 5Kg Fast in 30 Days

Today we will discuss 5 diet and exercise plans to lose 5kg fast in 30 days. I know many of you are struggling to lose weight and do not know where to start off your diet and exercises plans. This is why I decided to write this short and informative article.

As you know obesity is a global issue. It is estimated that over one third of world population is either obese or overweight. There are many reasons behind this. Starting from the fast food revolution and the ever growing technology trend.

Do not get me wrong I have nothing against the fast food and technology trends. These are good if not great innovations but sadly it has causes laziness in people. Before the computer age people tend to work harder and were less sedentary.

This laziness cause huge health problems in both men and women. Obesity strikes worldwide! As you know obesity can cause long term cardiac diseases. Not to mention type 2 diabetes.



5 Diet and Exercise Plans to lose 5Kg Fast in 30 Days

  1. Never skip breakfast. Many people think that skipping breakfast is an easy way to cut down daily calories intake. This is an absolutely a No! No! There is a reason why people say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And the reason is that it starts off your daily metabolism (the body mechanism that burn calories). Ideally you want to have a healthy between 500-800 calories rich breakfast.
  2. Drink plenty of water a day. This also helps to maintain your healthy metabolism rate. Ideally you want to drink between 2-3 litres of water a day. (8-12 glasses of water a day).
  3. Choose a smaller spoon size while eating your daily meals. Studies show that eating with a smaller spoon size means eating 20% less food quality a day. This small tip can save you hundreds if not thousands of calories each month!
  4. Do at least 30 minutes daily cardio exercise in either a treadmill or at your local park. Walking for 30 minutes day will burn you between 120-160 calories a day. The more you walk the more calories you will burn.
  5. Have enough sleep at night. Ideally you want to have a full 8 hours sleep for your body to rest and restore strength for the next working day. Sleeping less or more will cause a huge impact on your body metabolism. Therefore if you follow all the above tips you will lose 5kg fast in just 30 days!