Burn 1250 Calories by Walking 4 Hours a Day at Home

Today we will discuss how to burn 1250 calories a day by simply waking 4 hours at home. No gym membership needed!

Walking is among the best cardio exercises out there, and the best part is that you do not need a gym membership to walk. You can walk anywhere you want, from: your corridor, park, street or treadmill.

Generally speaking walking 30 minutes (to an average guy or girl that is not obese of over weighted) burns between 100-150 calories. But if you are obese it burns over 80 calories for every 15 minutes or 1 kilometer walked.

Therefore if you are obese you will be burning approximately 1250 calories by walking 4 hours a day. And the best part is that you do not need to walk all in one go, you can spread your daily walk cycles throughout the day!

Walking 4 hours is approximately 24000 steps or 15KM. I strongly recommend you to buy a pedometer on eBay (it costs less than £5) it will help you manage your daily walks.

Having a pedometer in hand (on your waist) will help you to know how many kilometers you have walked, how many steps it took and how many calories you have burned. Do not forget to enter your stride and weight details before starting your daily walks with pedometer. Otherwise the calories and distance data will not be accurate.

I have personally tested this and I can confirm that a guy that weights 112kg or 250lbs will burn 80 calories for every 1600 steps or 1Kilometre (15 minutes). This means after 4 hours you will be burning around 1250 calories.

What I suggest is to walk 120 minutes in the morning (after breakfast) and to drink at least 1.5 litres of water. What I do is I drink 2 glasses of water every 30 minutes. (Each glass of water is approximate 250ml).

Once you have walked your 120 minutes in the morning have lunch and rest for 2 hours. In the afternoon walk the remaining 120 minutes (12000 steps or approximate 7.5Kilometres) while drinking another 1.5 litres of water.

Ideally you want to walk before 18h. I suggest that because you will be drinking around 3 litres of water a day. Which means you will be urinating a lot and to avoid wet beds I strongly suggest that you walk or drink your water before 18h.

After that have your dinner, rest for 2 hours and go to bed to have a goodnight sleep. That is it! Do this for at least 6 days a week and you will notice a great reduction of your body weight in just a few weeks in!

Note: I have want to point out that burning 1250 calories a day and consuming around 2000 calories a day will give you a daily calorie deficit of 750 calories). Which means:

750 x 6 days = 4500 calories

3500 calories = 1lb lost

Which means you will be losing over 1lbs a week if you walk 4 hours a day for 6 days a week and consume 2000 calories or less!