Side effects of cheese – myths and facts

In this day and age cheese has been found on almost every single fast food store, there is a lot of history found on cheese and it has lots myths (pros and cons), today we are going to reveal each single true facts of cheese and bust all the myths in history. This includes the over consumption of cheese and its side effects.

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The history of cheese can be traced back 5000 years by accident when a merchant was transporting milk inside a bag of a sheep stomach and there was a natural reaction found and cheese was found!

That is the history of cheese and here are the 3 biggest cheese myths that we are going to bust and show you the true facts of cheese:

Side effects of cheese – myths and facts

#1 Cheese is all fat – for hundreds of years people has been saying this “do not eat cheese it is all fat” but the fact is that cheese is a delivered of milk and it made of: calcium, proteins and vitamin B12. The remaining 38% is fat

#2 Lacto intolerance cannot eat cheese: lacto intolerant people get an allergic reaction when consume milk products, side effects of: bloated stomach, eczema, hives and diarrhea accord. Since cheese is a delivered product of milk lacto intolerant people will suffer from similar reactions. This is a myth and true fact is that soft and fresh cheese such as mozzarella can be easily digested without suffering from lacto intolerant side effects.

#3 cheese gives you nightmares: this is a very old myth of cheese that suggest that eating cheese before sleep at will cause neuro reactions and cause you to remember vivid dreams. Several Studies where do and none of them proved that cheese eating before sleep (no matter how long before) does not cause any sleep nightmares!

Lastly soft cheese is the healthiest option to eat, they are low in fat, low in calories, low in amine, low in salt and lacto intolerant people can digest smaller portions of these milk delivered product.