negative calorie food - celery

Can food have negative calories? Off course NOT! So what is negative calorie foods?

Negative calorie food is not a myth it’s a fact. The reason why it is called negative calorie food because the number calories that these food types offer are digested by the body system by using twice or more calories than what you get.

For example celery is a negative calorie type food because a single celery stick contains about 7/8 calories and the body digestive system requires 11 calories to digest 1 single celery stick. This means no matter how much celery you eat it will count as negative calories.

There are many other food types that are labelled “negative calorie food”, celery is the most popular one because it contains zero percent water and yet perfect for weight loss. Below is a list of a few food types that are negative calories: apples, lemon, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, garlic, cucumber, tomato, melon and peppers.

This is why you lose weight when you are on a diet; plus a study make in UK found that eating 7 greens a day drastically reduce chances of getting heart, kidney and cancerous disease. You can read more about this study on this blog, here is the underlined like – Eat 7 Portions of Fruits and Veg a Day and Beat Cancer

Also if you want to lose weight make sure that you eat at least 1200 calories, eating less than that is dangerous especially if you are working out. Calculate your basal metabolic rate, this number is what your body needs to perform thought out the day and if the body does not get this minimum amount it can cause dangerous side effects such as: fainting and even death.

Walking is form of exercise and studies suggest that walking 10000 steps burns as much as sprinting for 20 minutes (500 calories) if want to count your steps buy a digital pedometer it costs around $5 on eBay and fits around your belt counting steps as you walk.


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