how to reduce man boobs with exercise

Many men suffer from a condition called Gynecomastia or man boobs, this causes embarrassment and many men lead to surgery but man boobs can be treated without surgery. There are many simply exercises and nutritional facts that can reduce your man boobs without painful surgery.

What causes man boobs?

Puberty is the period when hormones are in flux which results in acne for some and man boobs for others; 90 percent of time after puberty the hormonal levels stabilize and man boobs disappear. However men who are overweight the fat gets stored and concentrate in many different areas of the body, including the chest area thus man boobs (Gynecomastia).

Also there are drugs that causes man boobs has a side effects, mainly: anti-depressants and anabolic steroids.

Chronic liver disease, leukemia and hemophilia can also cause man boobs along with genetic and hormonal disorders, if you have any of these consult your doctor.

Exercise that reduces man boobs

There are many simple exercises that you can do that will concentrate and target your chest and boobs area, reducing body fat that gives similar results as Gynecomastia surgery. But combining exercise with nutrition will give outstanding results!

Start with sprints followed by brisk walking, repeat this at least 5 intervals 3 times a week. Interval training is really good for boosting metabolism that allows the body to burn fat a lot quicker (nutritional fact)!

Do push ups and bench presses, this exercises specifically targets the chest area, also an effective way to do push ups is by placing your feet on a bench this will create an angle that will create that will push your shoulders and target even further the chest area.

Also if you have cardiac history consult a doctor before trying this exercise plan, doing this for 45 days will produce noticeable results and it is a great way to produce muscle and 6 packs.