Which Side Should You Sleep Left or Right and Why?

Today I will answer you the ultimate question: should you sleep on left or right side after a meal and why?

Most of us will go to the bed after dinner. Ideally you should have at least 2 hours gap between meal and sleep but sometimes we have to go to the bed early.

And what happens when we do that? We start feel that the undigested food is traveling from stomach to your mouth and you wake up!

This is why it is important to know which side you should be sleep after a meal.


Sleeping on the Right Side

Sleeping on the right side after meal will force your undigested food to travel from stomach to your mouth. This is very unhealthy as it can cause numerous health conditions. Sometimes it can also bring your undigested food to fall out from your nose.

This happens because the stomach that produces gastric juice to digest food; and when you sleep on the right side the esophagus pipe is facing downwards; and this forces the gastric juice to travel and make you through up food from mouth or nose.

If this happens frequently it can produce or attract bacteria and insect life. It is very common to have insects and bacteria on your gout but if they start to travel towards your mouth it can really damage your body and health.


Sleeping on the Left Side

Sleeping on the left side will avoid all the above because sleeping on the left side will force the food and the gastric juice to digest faster. Let me explain what I mean to say: sleeping on the left side will force the esophagus pipe to face upwards which forces the gastric juice and the undigested food to stay and remain in the stomach; this also forces the stomach to digest food faster because the gastric juice remains in the stomach without any pressure from the person movements.

And this is why you should always sleep on the left side after a meal.


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