Benefits of Placing a Slice of Onion in Your Feet

Today we will discuss an ancient Chinese herbal medicine to cure many viral diseases. The therapy consists of placing an onion slice in your feet during sleep.

By doing this your body skin will absorb all the healthy nutrients of an onion and cure viral diseases such as cold, fever and flu. And all of these will be happening while you as asleep.

You see human feet have over 7000 nerve endings that are linked to many body internal organs. And the process of absorbing nutrients from these nerve endings (skin) is called transdermal application.

Onions have been around for over 5000 years and ancient Egyptians offered them to their gods as a symbol of eternity. The precise location where the first onions were cultivated is unknown however the medical benefits of these have been around for centuries.

Onions are sulphur compounds with chromium which means they are good for lowering blood sugar levels and good for cardiovascular health. It also has over 20% of daily recommended vitamin C content in it.

Onions are medicinal material because it is used to beat numerous cancers such as stomach cancer. In 1996 there was a publication saying to eat an onion a day and beat cancer.

So you see there are huge advantages of placing an onion slice in both of your feet during sleep. So what are you waiting for? From today on place 1 onion slide between your socks and feet and start healing and meditation while you sleep.