9 Natural Ways to Increase Height in Youngsters

When I was a teenager I was very concern with my height and I sure you are too! This is why we are going to discuss 9 natural ways to grow taller and stronger while still a youngster.

There is a lot of social stigma and downfalls in being short, it can ruin relationships and cause lots of hazards. So being taller is really necessary because it impacts in how much successful you will be in life.

Below are 9 natural ways to increase height while still a teenager:

#1 Milk

My number one tip to increase height and to get stronger bones is to drink at least 1 full glass of milk twice a day. Milk is rich in calcium which is essential for strengthening bones. And while still growing it is recommend you that you drink plenty of milk. Because once you are fully grown it is very hard if not impossible to grow even further. Plus drinking milk while still a youngster will prevent many bone related health problems in future (osteoporosis for example).

#2 Stretching

Stretching your arms and legs helps your bones and muscles to grow taller. Doing stretching regularly will force your growing body to push it further and further. It will help to get a better walking posture. Many of you may not be aware that most people (even adults) can get taller if they get a straight walking posture and stretching helps to archive exactly that!

#3 Hanging from poles and bars

Just like stretching, hanging from horizontal poles or bars helps to get taller. This exercise forces your body to fall (gravity) and this will result in an increase of height (gradual). It requires a lot of time and effort, do not expect miracle results if you do this exercise once or twice a week. You must do it for longer period of time and if you do you will be at least 6 feet tall in no time!

#5 Swimming

Swimming is the best exercise for whole body. It is recommended that you to swim at least 90 minutes a week. This is not a random amount, this is the actual amount you should swim to get noticeable results.

#6 Jumping Rope

Jumping rope may seem a girly activity but it is not. Jumping rope is an exercise that helps to increase height in youngsters. It burns a lot of calories which is great for weight loss and it strengthens your calf muscles. One of the hardest part of the body to build muscle.

#7 Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential for the body and bones, living in a place with ample of sunshine really impacts on how taller you will be. But if you live in a place like London where sunshine is rare, there are many other alternatives. One of my favourite is to drink plenty of Sunny Delight juice 😀 hehehe

#8 Yoga

Yoga is also great activity to relax your body and mind. There are many yoga exercises that can help your height, just make sure that you do yoga outside in sunlight for better results.

# Sleep

And to finalize this articles post, having an 8 hour sleep will hugely impact your height. Therefore have enough sleep at night and grow taller by day.