Cardiovascular Exercise to Lose 10lbs Fast in 60 Days

Today we will discuss how cardiovascular exercises helps to lose 10lbs fast in just 60 days. Cardio workouts are the best gym exercises to lose weight fast.

Millions of people want to lose weight fast. There is no secret for weight loss, it can be done in a combination of 2 ways: diet and exercise.

By just controlling your diet or by just doing regular cardiovascular exercises you can lose weight. But the best way is to do a combination of both.

Regarding diet you want to focus on: proteins, fruits, veggies, fibre and carbohydrates. Avoid fatty and sugary food sources such as: pizza, burgers, French fries, donuts, cakes, ice creams, biscuits, chocolates, etc.

I have wrote an article explaining how dieting is better than exercise. However doing cardiovascular exercise is also very important. You can lose 10 pounds in just 60 days by just doing cardio workouts daily for 80 minutes a day.


Cardiovascular Exercise to Lose 10lbs Fast in 60 Days

For those you do not know that cardiovascular exercise means, let me explain. Any sort of exercise that boost your pulse rate is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Therefore exercises such as: walking or running are considered a good form of cardio workouts.

Walking or running for 80 minutes a day can burn you up to 600 calories (depending on your current weight). And you do not have to walk or run all in one go. You can spread your time throughout the day.

Generally speaking the difference between running and walking is how many steps you travel in a single minute. Obviously running will make you travel the same distance in a shorter time.

In my opinion walking is far better than running, simple because you are more able to do a cardio walk than a running cardio. The more time you spend doing cardiovascular exercise the more calories you will burn.

Now lets do the math:

3500 calories burn = 1lbs lost

(600 calories burn in cardio workouts) x (60 days) = 36000 calories burn

35000 calories = 10lbs lost

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